Full Review About Gillette Electric Shaver For Men

Probably you already looking for the best electric shaver for days even months. Most of you might relying on the highest brand on the market. You as a shave lovers perhaps got a perfect or worst result while shaving. You do experiences to trying on which product is the best and suitable for your skin type. You do a great job so far. But if you keep doing it, you wallet must be draining. Because you never stop doing experiences only for shaver.

What electric shaver are you prefer to? Most of you very familiar with a brand like Philips, Remington, Panasonic, or Braun. One brand might you missing out is Gillette. Brands noticed exclude Gillette may difficult to find in small store. If it’s possible, that store should be electrical stores.

Gillette founded in 1901. Massachussetts, United States as a headquarters. Kindly Gillette’s company based for producing safety razor. Gillette came up with best quality. The durability and performance in no doubt. If you are in budget, Gillette is a great choice for all of you. Price offered is very affordable. Spend less than $30, you can have one Gillette shaver and keep using it for shave.

The question is what Gillette electric shaver should you pick? We prep you an information about the best Gillette electric shaver. Check out the review beneath.

1. 3-In-1 Men’s Body Groomer With Beard Fusion Proglide  – by Gilette

One and only Gillette electric shaver we recommend you is Gillette fusion electric shaver. Why? Because the product work so good. Three combs in one product worked together to give you a perfect and sleek results. The length suitable for every people hands. That’s not too long and not too short. All the blades defined in lines. One to another blades will not completely pile up in one place.

It is lightweight because came up in11.2 ounces. You can bring up this shaver while travel because its unheavy.Product come up with an organizer. That means you can put this shaver in that organizer after usage. Purposely to keep the product longlast also eye catching. Product available only in one colour, which is a combination between black and blue colour. For whom looking for bright or stylish and elegancy colour, perhaps this product not in your best list.

The whole product made of plastic. Well, if you want this product made of stainless steel, you have to spend more bucks on the other product. At glance, this product likely a toy. If you won’t your kiddos devestate this shaver, please keep at bay the shaver from them.

The product specs:

  • Product packaging includes:a trimmer, a battery, an organizer, 3 combs, and a ProGlide power cartridge
  • It designed very slim not like the other electricshaver that designed with in thicky body
  • It is handled grip because the body itself very slim
  • The length will make your shaving comfortable
  • Offers the perfect and precision results

You can grab Gillette fusion proglide in offline store. If you not okay with it, you can visit Amazon and get this product for $22.85. Also get free shipping. An extra coupon offered for all buyer. You can use an extra $3.00 off coupon to get the product for $19.85. Based on customer reviews, Gillette electric shaver got 4.1 stars out of 5 stars.


  • Get a perfect look comes easier with 3 combs. In fact, that combs are exchangeable. When combs in damage, it’s not a big deal to purchase new combs
  • Do facial beard lightly because Gillette electric shaver come in maneuverability. Product offered in high performance
  • Move one to another part will be easy because Gillette fusion proglide lightweight
  • This shaver keep their job nicely throughout shaving session
  • The price totally affordable. There’s no product offered less than $20 that will hand you a great features like Gillette fusion proglide
  • Gillette fusion styler is waterproof. Submerged in water for long will be not matter also not cause malfunction
  • You can bring up the shaver throughout traveling. This product can be your partner that will hand you a perfect look almost everyday
  • It is waterproof. Shave right below the shower is totally okay. This product will not rusty but be careful with the blades
  • Product also come with 1 AA battery, so you don’t have to purchase for battery.


  • The product made of plastic. It means product susceptible toward damage, especially when you accidentally step it
  • The packaging not attractive, just use a plastic to cover the whole product

That’s all the review about Gillette electric shaver. All product have plus and minus. Though the material made of plastic, the quality still good. This product can’t go wrong especially because the price only $19.85. Gillette fusion proglide styler will always the high-end product from Gillette electric shaver. Thanks for your attention to read the article.